The Costa Rican USA Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA) is a private, independent, non-profit Costa Rican foundation that supports projects falling within its strategic focus and manages and promotes long-term initiatives, partnerships, and cooperation networks.

Since 1996, CRUSA has been consolidating its role as an active contributor to Costa Rica’s sustainable development and an improved quality of live for Costa Ricans.  It has also forged strong working relationships between the communities and governments of Costa Rica and the United States, honoring its origins and philanthropic spirit.

Board of Directors


Administrative functions are the responsibility of a Board comprised by five members, of whom three are appointed by the Assembly of Founders, one by the Costa Rican executive branch, and the fifth by the municipal government of the Pérez Zeledón canton, the Foundation’s legal domicile.

Board members serve in an ad honorem capacity. The members are:

Assembly Members


The Assembly Members  are an equal number of Costa Rican and U.S. citizens. It is responsible for making sure the Foundation’s goals are met and its endowment fund is preserved, in addition to approving the Foundation’s budgets and bylaws.

Founding members serve in an ad honorem capacity.

Por Costa Rica

Adrián Pinto

Antonio Pérez

Carmen Fallas

Enrique Uribe

José Martí Jiménez

Por Estados Unidos

Jorge Alers

Robert Stein

Robin Young

Our Team


Investments Committee


Programms Committee


Millennials Committee


Amigos of Costa Rica


Amigos of Costa Rica is a nonprofit organization that supports sustainable development in Costa Rica in four primary areas of focus: education, capacity-building, conservation, and science & technology.

Amigos of Costa Rica was incorporated in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) organization as a supporting organization of the Costa Rica USA Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA).

All of our efforts are focused on building an empowered and sustainable Costa Rica by cultivating a spirit of community participation and philanthropy.

Our information

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