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Municipalities make headway on decarbonization

Six municipalities are seeking to guide their cantons toward sustainable cities and develop waste collection and industrial support programs.

CRUSA and GIZ will be supporting the efforts of these municipalities, which in August presented their “Canton Action Plans for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions.”

The municipalities are Belén, Desamparados, Golfito, La Unión, Monteverde and San José, which have decided to prioritize the solid waste sector for implementing GHG mitigation in their cantons.

CRUSA’s solid waste management program includes a work area focused on building local government capacities to significantly improve their implementation and management of processes that directly impact solid waste generation, collection, treatment and final disposal.

These municipal action plans for “decarbonizing the economy” include selective waste collection and municipal plants for waste separation and recycling, support to the industrial sector for efficient energy use, organic waste treatment plants for farmers’ markets, and promotion of interurban biological corridors, agroforestry practices and food waste initiatives.

For more information, see this article on the climate action project (in Spanish).