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Five students receive a CRUSA-AFS scholarship to study in the United States for a year

Five students from the National Scientific College System may see their dream come true to live and study for one year in the United States, thanks to the CRUSA-AFS scholarship program.

These scholarship are the result of the alliance between the Costa Rica United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA) and AFS Costa Rica, with the support of the United States embassy.

The students who won the AFS-CRUSA 2019-2020 scholarships are:

* Raúl Villalobos Vega, Scientific High School of Guanacaste

* Chelsea Rodríguez Alvarado, Scientific High School of Puntarenas

* Daniela Alvarado Andrade, Scientific High School of San Pedro

* José Antonio Ortega Padilla, Scientific High School of Cartago

* Tatiana Marcela González González, Scientific High School of San Carlos

It is vitally important for the CRUSA Foundation to suppport the country in its efforts to advance toward a knowledge-based industry, so we 100% support the financing for these scholarships as an incentive to fortify the human talent in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If is important that, as a country, we generate joint initiatives to deal with the needs involved in educating high-quality human talent as they pertain to the realities of the production environment,” stated Flora Montealegre, the Executive Delegate of the CRUSA Foundation.

The selected students went through an arduous selection process and had to meet a series of requirements, e.g.: be a sophomore year student, show academic excellence and have a command of the English language. In addition, qualities such as leadership, assertiveness and interest in inter-cultural matters were assessed.

On average, each scholarship is worth $13,000 and includes transportation, lodging, food, and a stipend for personal expenses for one academic year.