Our Focus

One of CRUSA’s strategic objectives for 2018-2022 is the fostering of a participatory, values-based educational model as part of the reinforcement of social and economic dynamics characterized by cooperation and trust between sectors.

Through CRUSA Scholarships we encourage education in strategic areas for the country’s future, such as technical education, human capital creation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and fields in the so-called “orange” or creative economy.

We also finance the creation of a Job and Vocational Guidance Platform designed to develop the human talent sought by the job market.

Job and Vocational Guidance Platform

The idea of this job and vocational guidance platform is to develop the human talent needed by the job market through an employability diagnosis, short courses and certification training.

The digital platform will use cognitive and artificial intelligence systems to guide youths in identifying existing job market opportunities and the competencies they will need for finding jobs.

Our partners in this program are CINDE (the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency) and IDB-MIF (the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund).

The platform’s beneficiaries are students completing their high school studies, unemployed job seekers, and job holders who need skill refreshing or professional retraining to stay employed.

Nuestras Becas

Dr. Ana Sittenfeld Specialized Technical Scholarship Program

These are scholarships aimed at students who are completing their last year in professional technical high schools (CTPs) or their International Baccalaureate (IB) and want to continue studying in technical fields in U.S. community colleges.

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CRUSA-AFS Scholarship Program for Scientific High School Students

These are scholarships for students who are completing their tenth year at scientific high schools and want to study one year of high school in the U.S. and later go into a field related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics

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CEDES PLUS Scholarships for CEDES Don Bosco Students

The goal of the CEDES PLUS Program is to provide guarantees to CEDES Don Bosco high school students who are seeking financing to continue with university studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Human Capital News

Five students receive a CRUSA-AFS scholarship to study in the United States for a year

Five students from the National Scientific College System may see their dream come true to live and study for one year in the United States, thanks to the CRUSA-AFS scholarship program.

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Innovation and Development News

Six technical high school youths will be going to the U.S. on scholarships

The youths are receiving scholarships for two years of study at community colleges in the U.S.

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Human Capital Stories

Julio Matarrita, CRUSA scholarship recipient

Julio had a dream: study a Master Degree in the U.S. And it came true thanks to CRUSA.

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Human Capital Innovation and Development Stories

Historia: Álex Vásquez, CRUSA scholarship recipient

Alex Vasquez wants to work for Costa Rica to become a sustainable energy leader.

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